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A Grand Day Out (apologies to Wallace and Gromit) by seaside radio
Sunday 13th June 2010 started overcast and not very promising, but we loaded the car and plugged in the sat nav. Well a sense of direction never was my forte, but a sat nav takes you right to the door, doesn't it? Well it certainly took us to a farm, but it was the wrong one. Luckily the very nice lady pointed towards some trees and set us on our way a few hundred yards up the road.
It was becoming warmer, and the welcome at the gate was very warm indeed. Our little grandson was taken into meet the chickens and was in his element.

I wandered round getting my bearings and seeing what was on offer. The barn where we set up the PA system was colourful and bright. A table set up with Valerie Wood books where she was doing signings and giving interviews. I have met Valerie before and have all her books, so was even more pleased to be there.

In keeping the healthy lifestyle day, there was plenty of professional help to keep fit and healthy. I jumped at the chance to ride a bike and make my own fruit smoothie.

After this I went into the big bus and had my blood pressure checked. It was absolutely fine, so I guess that bike ride did some good

Posted by:  Paula Coomber
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