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Inspiration on a farm by MA social work student, Hull University
Having had many experiences of animals in my lifetime and suffered with mental health issues myself, i am a great believer in the therapeutic value of animals as they have helped me through some pretty tough times. with this in mind, i decided to write my 20,000 word dissertation about the therapeutic value of animals in social work practice. I was directed to Densholme farm to look at the some of the work the staff do there and gain a greater insight into how influential animals can be in peoples lives. i left feeling positive, inspired and privileged to have met the great people who use and work on the farm. I hadn't even thought about some of the issues we discussed that day, for example, the humor animals can provide us with. on several occasions Dennis fondly recalled humorous stories and the pleasure he gained from thinking of these memories was undoubtedly powerful. they also provide courses for users of the farm such as tool management and soon will introduce animal care as a module to study- this highlights how animals can be used to provide a tremendous amount of self worth, personal growth and confidence. i am grateful for the staff to have shown me around such a fantastic farm and to have seen the hard work and passion that is evident in each and every person who accesses its facilities. what a wonderful place!!
Posted by:  abigail scott
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